Monday, 9 January 2012

Tonsillectomy Instruments – Dissection Tonsillectomy Set

The dissection method of tonsillectomy requires the use of several instruments. Here is a comprehensive list of instruments in the tonsillectomy set. Read the individual posts for photos, complete descriptions and the uses of each instrument.

Boyle Davis mouth gag – This instrument gives access to the tonsils and keeps the mouth open during surgery.

Scalpel – This is used to make the incision on the medial edge of the anterior pillar. A no.15 blade or the sickle-shaped no.12 blade may be used. Some surgeons also use the tooth on toothed forceps to make the incision.

Denis Browne tonsil holding forceps – These forceps are used to grasp and hold the tonsils during surgery.

Gwynne Evans tonsillar dissector – This instrument is used to dissect the tonsil from its bed.

Eve’s tonsillar snare – This instrument is used to cut and crush the pedicle of the tonsil in order to remove the last of its attachments.

Waugh’s toothed forceps – This pair of long forceps is used while packing the tonsillar fossa.

Birkett’s tonsillar first artery forceps – These forceps are used to catch bleeders in the tonsillar fossa after tonsillectomy.

Wilson’s or Negus second artery forceps – These forceps are used while applying ligatures to bleeding points in the tonsillar fossa after tonsillectomy.

Mollison’s anterior pillar retractor – This instrument is used to retract the anterior pillar to examine the tonsillar fossa for bleeders after the removal of the tonsils.

Yankeur’s suction tip – This tip is ideal for suction blood and pharyngeal secretions during tonsillectomy.

Read the individual posts for complete details about each instrument.

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