Saturday, 21 May 2011

Jobson-Horne Ear Probe

This is a commonly used OPD instrument and is also called the wax hook or ring curette.


Ear wax removal
Removal of foreign body from the ear
Removal of otomycotic debris or discharge from the external auditory canal
Probing of aural polyp or other mass in the ear canal
Probing of nasal masses and checking their sensitivity to touch

If you look closely, you will find that one end of the probe is shaped like a ring. This end may be used to hook out wax or foreign bodies from the ear canal.

The other end of the instrument is sharp and serrated. An ear wick can be fashioned out of this end by rolling cotton on to it and used to mop ear discharge.

More Information:

  • If wax in the ear canal is impacted, it is better to first soften it with wax-softening or dissolving agents and then attempt to remove it.
  • Wax in the ear canal can also be removed by syringing using an aural syringe or by using suction apparatus under microscopic visualization.

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